Kathi's Art Gallery

Kathi's Art Gallery

Updated 7/15/2004

New stuff:

Found the picture of a painting that I missed -- it's my sister's two dogs.
Added a sidewalk chalk painting and an acrylic. Also added some photos from my trip to Washington, DC last year.

Recent: Added a couple of new paintings. Also started the redesign in PHP and MySql. If some of the pages aren't quite right, be patient.

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These web pages contain photos of my artwork/photography. The works are divided into seven categories: Female models, male models, portraits, Bryce page, paintings, photographs and miscellaneous.

These are graphics-intensive pages. The thumbnails should download fairly quickly and you can navigate to other pages without going back to the main page.

Please Note: There are nudes included in the female and male studio model sections of the gallery. Do not enter these galleries if you are offended by artistic nudes.